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We don’t just arrange flowers

We create stories

Our floral pieces are expressions of love, joy and the artistry that we pour in each petal

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Our Design Philosophy

We are immersed in nature. The colours, the shapes, the textures, fascinate us.

We tread carefully when we step on Earth and  continuously search for natural and biodegradable materials for our work.

Sustainable floristry is at our core.

And last, but not least, we want to give you the best experience.

So, relax, take a breath, we’ll make it easy, beautiful and memorable.


About Us

Welcome to Aquafiori, where the artistry of nature meets the passion of friendship. We are Corina and Carla, the creative duo behind this floral design venture that celebrates the beauty of weddings and events. From our base in Melbourne, we set our sights on bringing the magic of flowers to the enchanting landscapes of the Mornington Peninsula.

Our journey into the world of floral design may have started amidst test tubes and microscopes in the science industry, but it was our shared love for art and nature that led us to the vibrant realm of petals and blossoms. As artists who revel in painting and various crafts, we have an innate appreciation for the vivid tapestry of colours and the endless forms that nature presents.

Today, we pour our artistic vibes into crafting abundant, fresh floral pieces that not only fill our own souls with joy but also leave our clients’ hearts captivated by the wonder of flowers. Nature is our muse and we find endless fascination in the hues, shapes and textures it bestows upon us.

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