10 Wedding Planning Tips

Here are our top 10 tips for planning your wedding flowers, we’re here to help you overcome the overwhelm

Tip 1

Don’t feel you have to have all the details figured out. We  are happy to help sort through options together and provide our point of view and guidance.

Tip 2

The wedding is a celebration of you as a couple. Above all else, they are meant to be fun. If at any time planning for your wedding feels overwhelming, look for a way to simplify things.

Tip 3

Be open with us about your budget so we can help you make the best decisions. We are happy to provide guidance on which elements are worth investing in and how to make the most of your budget. Invest in a few, select signature items and don’t worry about the rest.

Tip 4

There are no real ‘rules’ when it comes to wedding flowers. Use your wedding day as an opportunity to focus on the pieces that are most important to you two, rather than feeling you must do ‘x, y or z’.

Tip 5

Define your style and a colour theme. Perhaps search for inspirational images and create a mood board.

Experiment with  different ideas.

Tip 6

Define your style and a colour theme. Perhaps search for inspirational images and create a mood board. 

Experiment with  different ideas.

Tip 7

Discuss your favourite (and least favourite) flowers, seasonal, local or exotics.

We are at the mercy of Mother Nature when it comes to flowers. Iconic wedding flowers, such as Peonies, are only available for a few weeks in the year.

To get the most out of your design team, leave the final decision on individual blooms to us.

Tip 8

Never underestimate the value of adding candlelight – it brings a true sense romance to the evening and creates a level of intimacy not found elsewhere.

Tip 9

If you want your pets to be part of your day, we can dress them up for the occasion.

Tip 10

Floral design is an art.

Be open to the designer’s ideas and avoid being overly prescriptive in terms of specific flower varieties to use.

We find it’s best to provide a small collection of 5-6 reference photos to help you communicate your likes and dislikes.

“In perfect pastel shades of powder-pink and white, transport your love to a radiant midsummer’s day wandering through aromatic rose gardens – a welcome daydream during the depths of February!”


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