Ocean Mist


Ocean Mist is a wonderful 60cm wreath, artfully arranged with purple limonium and lavender flowers.

Pinks, purples and lavender are often associated with femininity, grace and elegance which convey a sense affection, calm and tranquillity.

Ultimately, the versatility of this colour combination allows it to be used for various occasions.

The soft and feminine colours make it an excellent choice for baby girl showers.

It can adorn the entrance or be used as a centerpiece for the event.

The calming colours can make it a great addition to meditation rooms, yoga studios or wellness centers, promoting relaxation and peace.

If you’re hosting a garden party, the soft and natural colours can complement the outdoor setting beautifully.

And you could use this wreath as part of your everyday home decor to create a serene and calming atmosphere in your living space.

Standard Melbourne Metro and Mornington Peninsula – $15 for courier delivery service.

Please place your order before 12 noon, for next day delivery.

Free pickup from our Mount Eliza studio.

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