Melbourne Cup Floral Fashion

The Melbourne Cup is just around the corner, and it’s time to embrace the excitement, fashion and floral splendour that this prestigious event entails. At Aquafiori, we understand the importance of adding a touch of natural elegance to your race-day attire. In this blog
post, we’ll explore some delightful floral accessories that can make your Melbourne
Horse Racing experience even more glamorous. Whether you’re planning to wear a
corsage, a flower crown, or a flower fascinator, we’ve got you covered with
informative and fun ideas.


Corsages - A Timeless Touch of Floral Elegance

Corsages are a classic choice for race-day fashion. These petite floral arrangements, traditionally worn on the wrist or pinned to your outfit, add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Here are some tips and ideas for incorporating corsages into your race-day look: 

Blooms and Colours: opt for vibrant blooms that match your dress or choose contrasting colours to make a statement. 

Ribbon Accents: enhance your corsage with ribbon accents that complement your outfit. 

Wrist Corsage: go for a wrist corsage if you want to dance the day away without worrying about damaging your blooms. 

Boutonniere for Your Date: don’t forget to coordinate a matching boutonniere for your date. 

Red Flowers Wrist Corsage

Real Flower Tattoos - The Newest in Floral Fashion

These are temporary accessories that can be worn for a special occasion such as a wedding, a formal, at the races or a special day out.

Real Flower Tattoos can be made with fresh or dried flowers. They are similar to corsages but they adhere to the skin (with medical grade tape), therefore move fluidly with your arm or ankle, depending where they are placed.

Flower tattoos come in various designs and colours, that can be customised to match your outfit or personal style.

Flowers: you can opt for long lasting seasonal blooms or preserved wild flowers, the choice is yours.

Placement: Arm, ankle or legs or all.

You will be the queen of the party with these special accessories !!!

Flower Crowns - Whimsical and On-Trend

Flower crowns are a whimsical and on-trend choice for the Melbourne Horse Racing Carnival. They exude a bohemian charm that’s perfect for outdoor events. Here’s how you can embrace the flower crown trend: 

Floral Selection: Choose seasonal blooms and incorporate greenery for a fresh and natural look. 

Accessorise: Complement your flower crown with delicate hairpins or beads for added flair. 

Aquafiori Pink Orchids Crown Wedding Flowers

Flower Fascinators - Chic and Statement-Making

For those who want to make a statement, flower fascinators are the way to go. These chic headpieces draw attention and add a touch of extravagance to your race-day outfit. Here are some suggestions: 

Colourful Blooms: opt for bright and bold blooms to create a striking fascinator. 

Feathers and Netting: Combine flowers with feathers or netting to enhance the drama. 

Size Matters: consider the size of your fascinator to match your hairstyle and outfit. 

With these delightful floral accessories, you’ll be all set to embrace the Melbourne Horse Racing in style. At Aquafiori, we’re here to help you choose the perfect floral elements to make your race-day outfit come alive with natural elegance. 

Browse our website at to discover an array of blooms and accessories that will complement your race-day look. Whether it’s corsages, flower crowns or flower fascinators, we’ve got the perfect floral touch to make your Melbourne Horse Racing experience memorable and beautiful.

Don’t forget to have fun and may your day at the races be as vibrant as your accessories!


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